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TM Works Alpha 16V + Alpha CI + VSD Harness

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T.M.WORKS was founded in 1998, in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, by Mr. Hideaki Todoroki, specialising in developing and manufacturing specialised automotive electrical and ignition upgrade products, with patents awarded in USA and Japan. T.M.WORKS' core philosophy reflects the Japanese value of Takumi (artisan), hence every single product is hand assembled and made in Japan. More product information:

T.M.WORKS' flagship product is their 'Ignite VSD' product line:
  • Ignite VSD alpha 16v (with VSD harness) - a voltage booster kit that powers the ignition coils with a boosted voltage of 16 volts (instead of the typical 13-14 volts produced by the charging system). The boosted, regulated and stabilised voltage is dedicated to the ignition coils only and not being shared with any other components. By doing so, the ignition system is strengthened to reduce misfiring, improving efficiency and engine response. It gets quieter too!
  • The alpha 16v is equipped with smart circuitry that switches the coil supply voltage back to 12 volts during engine start up to conserve energy. In the even of product failure or disconnection of the power supply due to human error, the smart circuit also switches back to 12 volts supply without disrupting the engine operation, hence enabling a fail-safe operation.
  • Ignite VSD alpha CI (alpha CI) - an electrical noise filtering module to further stabilise the boosted voltage, for more stable firing performance of the ignition coils. Electrical noise (fluctuation) exist at any stage, boosted or unboosted due to the nature of the alternator rectifying circuitry, and also from various electrical load. ‘Alpha CI’ is plug and play to, and completes the above-mentioned 'Ignite VSD Starter Kit'. Certain force-induced engines especially the European are susceptible to such fluctuation and the Alpha CI is designed to tackle just that.
  •  Graphs show the ignition coil supply voltage with and without T.M.WORKS Ignite VSD system.

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