SuperPro: Suzuki Swift ZC21, 31 Front Lower Arm Bush (Big)

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The base material used by SuperPro is a polyurethane elastomer; a class of Thermosetting synthetic polymer that involves the reaction of various types of isocyanate resins with curing agents, to give an extremely durable material with the best features of rubber and plastic. Since the introduction of polyurethane into the aftermarket suspension industry in the early 80s many have tried but few have succeeded in manufacturing accurate, durable parts consistently. Anyone can take two tins and mix part A with part B and get a result. It takes foresight in management and a strong integration with technology to achieve a result every time, which is what SuperPro prides itself on.

SuperPro bushings can be used in strut bars, radius rods and trailing arm locations, which will improve the road holding, handling and tyre wear of any passenger car or 4WD. This is possible because SuperPro products achieve consistent tyre-to-road-alignment, particularly under braking and cornering loads. In many cases there is little or no effect on NVH, thanks to careful design by our R&D technicians.

  • Backed by 40+ years of automotive industry experience in the toughest environments in the world, Australia
  • Supported by a full time, dedicated Research & Development Team
  • Export experience in Australia, Africa, Europe, America and Asia makes SuperPro suited for all markets and global applications

At a glance, some of the benefits from SuperPro products will include:
  • Maintained steering geometry
  • Enhanced handling & ride characteristics
  • A safer vehicle with more grip
  • Superior replacement and repair performance
  • Get back that new car feel
  • Improved tyre wear, fuel efficiency and reduced running costs

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