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Millers Oils CFS 5W30 : 5L

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Product Description

Millers Oils CFS 5w30 is suitable for fast road, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs. It is also suited to engines with hydraulic tappets such as the Ford Zetec. The competition full synthetic engine oil is formulated with 100% synthetic base fluids, including a synergistic blend of three esters combined with the latest additive technology for maximum performance. The ultra low friction, nano technology additives successfully proven in motorcycles with wet clutches.

Use as received for competition or modified engines where maximum power release is the preferred criteria. Formulated for high revving engines used in circuit racing or for larger engines for short duration i.e. hill climbs and sprints.

Features & Benefits:
• Provides up to a 26% reduction in friction plus a reduction in wear compared to a standard engine oil.
• Fully synthetic oils provide many outstanding performance benefits over conventional mineral oil.
• By utilising both polyalphaolefins (PAO) and ester synthetics specially selected to minimise the amount of polymer used, the lubricant film provided is more resistant to ‘shear’ and viscosity loss in highly stress areas.

Full synthetic oil provides:
• Load carrying capacity many times that of mineral oil.
• High film strength for ultimate protection.
• Outstanding cold flow properties for reduced wear at start up.
• Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
• The synergistic blend of three esters gives improved lubricity, reducing friction and enhancing the oils
• CFS 5w30 provides the optimum balance between hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication and the power
absorbed through pumping losses to ensure maximum power release.

Performance Profile:
• Manufactured to far exceed the requirements of API SL/CF and ACEA A3/B4
• Ideal for fast road or track day use, especially in engines where a 5w30 is normally specified
• Suitable for operating at 125'C with peak temperatures up to 150'C

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