Fabrix Eco Air Filter (Washable): Cleaning Kit

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What makes FABRIX Eco Air Filters different is that it has a cotton core, wrapped in an aluminum mesh, with a rubber frame. This allows for Improved Air Flow, resulting in Better CombustionCleaner Exhaust Fumes, and Enhanced Fuel Efficiency that translates into savings. Its durable construction then makes it Last 10x Longer than a standard filter and is Fully Washable, re-used again and again working just like new. Not only does it Reduce Maintenance Costs, but is also Environmentally-Friendly by lessening waste.

An added benefit of using FABRIX Eco Air Filters is Increased Engine Output. Dyno test on a ’14 Honda Jazz proved to deliver an additional 2.4 hp and 3 Nm of torque when a FABRIX Drop-in filter is used vs a standard air filter.

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