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Chemlube 100% Synthetic Organic Ester Based Eng Oil 10W30 (1Qt)

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CHEMLUBE 100% synthetic organic ester based oil is available in 3 viscosity grades. 10W30, 10W40 & 20W50. These organic ester multigrade full synthetic oils are specifically designed to meet the demanding hot climate in Malaysia and Singapore. CHEMLUBE organic ester full synthetic oils meet and exceed API SJ-CF, MIL-L-46152B. They are recommended for use in all gasoline and diesel engines. The low sulphur content of CHEMLUBE ester synthetic oil is a highly desirable feature for use in turbo and diesel engines.

The inherent characteristics of organic ester synthetics provide for low evaporation rates and strong detergent to keep engines clean of sludge and carbon. CHEMLUBE has the highest viscosity index of 197 giving oil stability for complete lubrication during traffic jams and sustained high speed driving. Engines run cooler with CHEMLUBE.

Engines using CHEMLUBE are significantly quieter, have better response and improved fuel consumption of about 10%. CHEMLUBE oil film strength of over 3000psi far exceeds other lubricants. Esters natural affinity to metal provides for an oil film on all metal surfaces over prolonged periods of time and gives easy early morning starts. CHEMLUBE long life synthetic oil is recommended for 15,000km or 1-year oil change intervals in normal driving conditions.

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