TM Works Hyper Direct Coil (HDC): L15B7 (1.5T):

RM 4 750.00
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Product Description

TM Works Hyper Direct Coil (HDC) uses ignition coil from BBT Germany, and recoiled to have a faster dwell time and a stronger charge. The affordable and valued pricing makes it a good choice in replacing your factory stock ignition coil. Works very well with VSD Alpha 16v.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Upgraded ignition coil which received manual rewinding treatment, incorporating a capacitive discharge stabilizer.
  •  Shorten primary coil saturation for improved and stronger spark discharge at high rpm.
  •  Remove back-current waveform by filtering the noise in the primary coil after discharge
  •  Suitable for high compression/high boost, GDI application.
  •  Made to order

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