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Brake System (Front)

WP Pro EX6 Forged Brake System (Front) - DC5R: 17" | 336mm | T30

RM 9 900.00
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Product Description

WP Pro offers the best in big brake kits and braking performance. Each brake kit is engineered and designed specifically for your vehicle with a bespoke approach. The lightweight 2 piece calipers are 6061 forged aluminum that undergo a 2000 ton press before they are machined out. Provide the perfect amount of strength and rigidity to avoid any potential cracking found in monoblock calipers, they are designed for both street and track use. Each caliper system has been engineered to have proper piston sizing and clamping force based on your vehicle needs. With special techniques used in the manufacturing of the caliper, further cooling keeps braking performance at an all time high. 

Each rotor is made in the WP Pro foundry using a sand casting technique and then heat treated to 800 degrees celcius for the ultimate in durability and longevity. Rotors are further designed to have extreme weight savings and heat dissipation. Each set of WP Pro brakes features our unique Sun Cut design with cross drilled holes. However standard round rotors are also available in drilled only. The 2 piece floating rotors feature true floating hardware and a billet aluminum hat. Matched with proper brake pads and steel braided brake lines, the braking performance and style will drastically improve your vehicle.

Caliper: 6 Piston EX6 Caliper

Standard Colors: 
- Hyper Banana Yellow
- Flamingo Red
- Tangerine Orange
- Turkey Blue
- Dark Chrome
- Matt/Gloss Silver
- Matt/Gloss Black

Rotor Sizes: 
17" 336mm T30mm
17/18" 345mm T30mm
18" 360mm T30

Disc Design: Saw Blade or Round (Cross Drilled)
Rotor Hat: Billet Aluminum, Hard Anodized Rotor Hats
Brake Pad: 0-500'c
Brake Hose: Steel Braided
Adapter: Ductile Iron Caliper Bracket
Brake Fluid: Motul RBF660

Once an order is created, we will send you a brake order form to confirm all vehicle info, wheel sizes, and brake options.

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